Surface Finishing

Standard performance

Pure polypropylene Super Fine filter cartridges are free from any extractable and contain no lubricants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, ant-oxidants or anti-static agents, etc. Available in up to 50 inch (1270 mm) length and up to 4.5 inch (114.5 mm) diameter. Super Fine Plain finish cartridges are constructed in a graded manner that inner layers comprises of the fine fibers and outer layer is made up of coarse fibers giving higher dirt holding capacity and longer service life.

High performance orange peel

Super Fine orange peel filter cartridges are manufactured by improved thermally bonded depth filtering technology, the surface is made wrinkled finish, looks like orange peel that enlarge the surface filtration area, larger particles are trapped to make better filtration efficiency. These cartridges are harder than Normal PP Spun filter cartridges, the stronger ability to work under pressure, gives the longer service life resulting in high efficiency particulate removing.


Super Fine Lined finish Cartridges are effective and efficient for removal of silt, sand, rust and other suspended particles. The mini grove design is machined into the upstream surface, without tearing or melting the filter structure providing increased and effective surface area for filtration.


Super Fine Dotted spun filter cartridges are designed to satisfy the market requirement with exceptional dirt holding capability. Surface cavity structure provide a longer service life, higher efficiency and low pressure drop. The surface pore structure spreads water flow to reduce pressure drop, increases the capacity of particle filtration giving in value to domestic and industrial filtration applications.


Super Fine grooved melt-blown cartridges manufactured from FDA approved food grade polypropylene. A cut groove process maintains open pore construction, effectively doubles the usable surface area providing lower clean pressure drop, increased dirt holding capacity and longer life. All these qualities resulting in a lower cost of ownership.