Ordering Information

Super Fine filter cartridges can be made to order in custom sizes (custom lengths, inner diameter and outer
diameter) in various filter media and core material, and tailored density gradings.

Length (inch)Outer Diameter (inch)Number per box (standard packing)Gross Weight per box (kg)Content in 20 ft
Content in 20 ftContent in 20 ft
10″2 ½“50/1007.5/1425,20019500
20″2 ½“25/407.5/11.512,6009,750
30″2 ½“30128,4006,480
40″2 ½“2012.56,6005,120
50″2 ½“2014.55,0403,900

When ordering for the first time, please specify all details in writing. Media, actual length, micron rating, outer and inner diameters, and core material are required. End adapters are optional. Contact us for further information. stocks are maintained in our warehouse for prompt deliveries. Packaging is in top-loading box-board cartons. Both palletized and non-palletized deliveries are available.

For a standard PPF 40 inch long (nominal) filter cartridge, the product code will be PPF-1016-63-510-P.